Canyoning... always follow the water!

Many roads lead into the valley. The nature shows most beautiful sides.

Canyoning Video by wasser-c-raft

Canyoning Action, fun & challenge
Canyoning Action, fun & challenge

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Canyoning literally means actually gorge walking.

But what does it really mean?

Canyoning is similarly crystal-clear water, small and enormous waterfalls, grottos, rock faces, apprehensiveness and liberty rising steeply confidence and teamwork climb, slides, jump, swim rope down, incentive and challenge. Among other things.
Canyoning are challenging your body and mind. Canyoning is totally adventure. Canyoning is the other side of the world, far away from everyday life and work. Canyoning means to defy with wetsuit, backpack and hiking boots the forces of nature. Canyoning is a feeling that flows through you when you swum clear glass canyons and steep cliffs has conquered. And this feeling is indelible and incredible. And this feeling you take home with you.

lower down on a rope "Auerklamm"
lower down on a rope "Auer Klamm"
long slide "Auer Klamm"
long slide "Auer Klamm"
Barbecue meal Lower Auerklamm
Barbecue meal Lower Auerklamm

Canyoning is, a kind of sport the participants help themselves under each other and must support. These experiences weld groups together and make every single one strongly. This gives new strength to concern and to handle coming challenges in the weekday. Canyoning is not only an unforgettable adventure but also ideal with that to the motivation of employees and for the education and support of the team spirit. With us you get to know ravines and gorges sloping steeply; mysterious natural landscapes, the others remain secret to people well be for hidden always. At most tours the "point of no return" comes after a couple of one hundred metres, this point is exceeded, there then is only another direction: Downwards!

Auer Klamm High Jump
Auer Klamm High Jump

group photo exit "Auerklamm Dom"
group photo exit "Auerklamm Dom"

We take the decisive step together!

canyons with different degrees of difficulty can be chosen.
Note: Groups (7 people or more) Special Price !!!

To your information: rappelling of the participants only by the certificated canyoning guide!
(Exception: participants that have prove of rappelling experience)

Depending on water levels, the individual techniques described above may change.

Tours full of impressions and experiences!!!!

Not afraid of cold water, being sure footed, good humor and some courage.

With us is included in the price:

  • Taxi transfers from base to point of entry and exit from the back to the base
  • complete whitewater equipment, washed and disinfected
  • high quality belts - and rope material
  • a certified canyoning guide
  • Eating from the campfire
    (Vegetarians be supplied on request with vegetables or soy products.)
  • completion drink
  • hot shower
  • Free use of sauna
  • commemorative certificate
Bring is only:
  • Swimming trunks / swimsuit
  • towel
  • good mood!

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For your own safety, we reserve the right to postpone the trip, chose another canyon or to discontinue this trip under dangerous conditions (extremely high water level etc.)